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Related article: Date : Fri, August 21, 2009 20 00 -0400 22nd From: Sean Monteiro u003ckinzusareta_yume hotmail. com u003e Subject : The brother comes home, Part 3 Warning: This story contains hot gay sex scenes between two men. Two brothers, that. If you are under 18 or is illegal for you to read this, because of its location ( district, state, planet, etc. ) to stop now. comments are always kinzusareta_yume hotmail. com welcome. Please Make sure the title of the story referred to in his comments of e- mail. - Sean brother comes home - Part 3 The sound of the bat connecting with the ball exactly the kind of sound like it was Jake, a solid POP, strong, and then the ball flies almost from the field. From where he stands on second base, Jake had a chance to clear his stunning (and totally freaking out hot) older brother Kyle, when bats opened with all the confidence in the world, protruding chin No blue-green eyes shone with joy. Jake knew he hit the s greatest silly grinover the Preteen Lolita Toplist whole face looking to his great brother. The man, who loved Kyle, because we loved it. Took even used to, but it was always a lot of practice. The minutes of the bat connects with the ball in the direction of Kyle first running base, like a bull let out of his cage, and the skinny idiot the first base was actually three steps back. Jake laughed, but was in the third direction, and the ball had disappeared. He ran past home, crying aloud, with his cousin Curt directly behind him, and Kyle n right behind Curt. And it was the end of the ninth. that totally the shit beat the other guys on the team, and not shy to show it. Each day seemed hotter by ten degrees. It was in the nineties high n but he was twenty degrees warmer than that. I had to get the game going in n in the morning as soon as everyone was hungover ass of his strength of the bed, because most of the guys on the planning team spending all afternoon screwing their girlfriends whores. O girl, not even the n his friends. Jake does not matter, nor even to keep the problem with his jokes, as he left the dusty field where they played Ball, offers all the guys trying to outdo the other with the number of Preteen Lolita Toplist that time will be able to finish. Jake heard the last part, however, and his lips twitched into a smile n. No matter how much everyone thought of the boys, which could come, between the two, he and his brother Kyle to blow. his cousin Curt and his younger brother, Mitch looked back as they went Curt " battered old Nissan Altima. The two boys had dark auburn hair This striking green eyes, Jake thought was quite nice, even if s that had eyes only for his own brother. Curt nineteen, his haircut was rather short, not really, but almost, hummed and his whole body was stiff, \\ \\ n tight muscle. Mitch was fifteen and looked almost like her brother s twin, except his hair was long and hung it in his eyes, and had an n aspect of young children and a few freckles on his nose and cheekbones that made him look as if you were totally over the age of 12 years. " Hey," said Curt Jake and Kyle. " You go to town?" Vi Kyle Jake and smiled. " No.. We have other plans. " Broke Curt this huge smile that Jake thought was strange. Curtis knew that if is the truth, I had totally shit a brick. But Curt shrugged and said :. " Whatever," the smile on his face, still gave them a wave, it something like a greeting in fact, and to his car, threw an arm around Mitch shoulder n. For a moment the sound of goodbye stockings and a series of self banging doors, and then almost as one, the boys n all other shell the plot of land parking lot and headed for the city was. to pick up their whores Jake was beside the bench coach, who offered the only shade in country, and was not very good - his clothes werecompletely to put every square inch of your body, glued by sweat. It was hot (as in the temperature ) and heat (as in sexy). Furthermore, in ninety degree Preteen Lolita Toplist weather and that s Kyle both had played ball in jeans. The bottom of her jeans were frayed cuffs and covered in dirt and dust, and found that Jake, like his written clinging to his testicles, crotch, and ass. He had been able to squeeze sweat them, took them off once, then wait. is a look at Kyle, gave him a smile. Heart Jake began to beat at the sight of this huge boulder, which was the brother of his s, his best friend and lover all rolled into one. For others, three roles were filled by three different people normally. that could not even express in words gave a sense of fulfillment in it with in all three persons of the same person. It totally should aspire to be condemned all different, but Jake does not really, because you may not be I understand, anyway. Kyle grabbed Jakehand ' S and pulled him in the dock, gentle slope into the wall. Cement blocks were cool against Jake is back good sweaty, but the feeling of rock hard body suddenly his brother pressing against his chest felt ten times better. Kyle leaned over and sniffed the cheek Jake for a moment to nibble gently at the end of the chin, then connected to the mouth. The man was still like a fireworks display all time. Y - BOING - Jake Hahn went from semi -hard cheese (which was, as it s all the time, or at least does not believe that an active part ) to , a solid steel stick their fucking sweat pants. his monster strained the fabric of Hanes underwear and sweaty American Eagle pants and tried to escape. Kyle 's body ground Jake, and Jake felt Kyle cock against her thigh, the same force. kissed and kissed, not the shadow of the house, do not worry, that is filled with beer cans and condoms with cum covered chicks. with one of his large hands, KyleJake 's face tilted up and started sucking n and gently biting Jake 's neck in a way that Jake had to do this pathetic moans of ecstasy sounds full and complete. What was his older brother sent shiver all the way throughout the body. Kyle had only one of his big hands in front of Jake jeans if he heard car doors hit. Glancing down the side of the house, which observed as two football fields mothers emerged from a van and opened the back door the door, and then as a gate that just opened about seven No one thousand screaming brats out of the van starting s mass of the building. Jake growled. "Oh, shit. " Kyle just smiled. " Damn right. We are still on. Shit is. But not here. " He took the hand of Jake jeans, something he regretted So, as the power of the ankle biters came to the \\ \\ n the field. They were not even going to use to play the ball, ran crying just yyStruggle and is annoying. Jake rolled his eyes. The two mothers were taking the time to talk about all the other machines in poll mothers on their block. Jake was secretly glad that his mother was a cold hell much more than these two " Desperate Housewives " wannabe. He and Kyle went past them at a distance of ten meters, but when it in the two sweaty boys tones, gorgeous go beyond them, even though it silly as a box of rocks could find out what Jake and Kyle had been on the bench, and clearly show their discontent on their faces. Kyle laughed and reached around to grab Jake strabismus donkey, the two women all the time. They were still laughing the looks on the faces of women, has, in the rusty Honda Accord that his mother had given them, now that he negotiated a sweet 3000GT n cherry red Mitsubishi. Kyle put the car up, pulled out of the parking space and pulled on the road. "The problem wassent the enthusiasm they have seen all day. " Jake has a bad sound and said, " Hell. This is probably the emotion it ever had been in his life. " He smiled Kyle, and Jake 's heart did another somersault in chest. Kyles smile n completely did the week in the knees, as the old left. The looked his brother Kyle, returned home and saw that the light from the sun pointed shining golden hair, love the smile that perfect white teeth, chin stubble with just enough tingle No good way, when Kyle kissed him, the murderer blue eyes. Jake shook his head in amazement. Damn it. reminded the old cartoons, where the child is a girl love and about love and shoot an arrow in the ass. But Jake was not in love with a girl slut, who was in love with the best man ever, when there really was Cupid shot an arrow, that s that no one but a few hundred things going crazy, n with what triggeredon the back, so... " Well, Jake," Kyle said in jest, "Mom and Dad will be out all in the afternoon. I did not have plans? " " No," said Jake, sympathy, they would have to be followers. " What do you think? " " Oh, not much," said Kyle with feigned indifference. "I thought I would eat my sink n dick in you and raise you a couple of times, then maybe get a bit, and then fuck more. You game? " Gallo \\ \\ n Jake had just started to deflate and its cargo was now jeans again. He reached down and grabbed the tissue his pants. See what you did, Kyle took a hand off the wheel Preteen Lolita Toplist wheels, Jake grabbed his arm by the wrist and pulled Jake queue in the path of Kyle. Jake groaned in appreciation for what he felt loved, n in it so bad I could not think of anything else. is fun until a week ago had said, his tail was part of his authority which received the most attention. And he still loved his gorgeous tail and was not modest, either, but lately had very obsessed with the butt, as it was part of his body that was always the n is the most action. He had never really given much attention to his donkey, a In one way or another, but since his brother had met his big meaty fingers up, followed by the tail, Jake was definitely in the love n your ass to. Kyle were in the driveway, parked the car, turned it off. He left the keys in it. Who the hell cares? They went along the porch steps, hand in hand. It was nice and cool in the middle of the trailer, but as usual, the room was stifling. Jake does not mind to be more, , but it only meant that they were even more sweat, and he was totally hot if he himself is concerned. While no one was home (and although no one has bothered if that were in the house), Jake still feel that tingling sensation in the stomach of his stomach when Kyle knocked on the door of the room behind themand locked it. The rest of the world ceased to exist, but their heated rooms, two cute blond brothers, and your body ready and willing. Kyle opened his arms broad and Jake came to him, I love the feeling of his older brother s strong arms around him. They kissed again, hungry, losing all the time of his clothes, until Jake was in her black underwear sweaty and Kyle up his pants plaid n sweaty. Jake saw his brother at the toned biceps and the layer of blond hair on his chest, and he wanted him to damn shame he had to beg began when Kyle had not downed in bed covered her mouth with it. More kissing, hot and feverish. Had stayed in the car ride sweaty home and it was probably ten degrees hotter in the bedroom, as it was out, so that their bodies were slippery with all the sweat, as n to each other, touching their hands all over n. Kyle forced his tongue into her mouth, Jake, the exchange of salivaas him out, and Jake was enjoying every second. In between kisses, Kyle, said: "I have you, brother," the stubble of his rubbing her chin on the side of Jake 's cheek as he said it. Jake responds define. They went out for a few minutes, not in a position enough to kiss. Kyle 's mouth felt so good that Jakes, n and he half a second to think again, how great was the Kyle was someone who is completely familiar with, I had it from Jake was born. And now that they were lovers, which is the last piece was the puzzle in place. Nothing was right in his sense of life. Kyle kneeling on the mattress and sweat shell boxer. He threw her back on the floor. He moved Jakes sweaty black underwear down, grabbed her, took her to the face for a moment and smelled good. " Nice," he said with admiration. Jake came to for her, but she kept Kyle out of his reach. "We sayI n the later. "I sat back, but also end up professionally until his boxers own behind him, without even looking. You can not help himself, Jake achieved by his older brother's dick and experimental rubbing a finger over the top. Indeed, the big mushroom s head was already slippery precum. Jake 's mouth water, and crawled on the edge of the bed and took the tool Kyle in his mouth. was an n the animal instinct, and he nodded his head and pushed forward Kyle big fat cock all the way into the mouth until it hit the back of the throat and gagged. " Mmm," said Kyle, however, grateful, and let out a sigh content. " Yes, brother. Suck it. " Jake did not need any encouragement, and for the next few minutes, the Kyle only sound was the heavy breathing and moans of satisfaction, as he had done a hit very good. When Jake felt his balls begin to tighten brother and begin to regain their breath, Kyle claimed his tail gently with aSmile and a nod, and said : "Even more of them and I cum now, and I do not do it until I'm in the ass. " " Then hurry up," Jake said, impatiently. " I want you in my ass n, as well. " Although I thought about it, felt the dull throb there, is a good feeling, but also a bit like an itch you want to scratch, this deep rammed and strong desire to have the tail of his brother in the same, full of mango n. He wanted both dizzy. " Be right back," said Kyle, as he threw the bed. Jake began to protest, but Kyle only reached the bathroom door and is Jake 's eyes all the time and helps you with that smile that made ​​Jake want to melt. with one hand raised, Kyle open the medicine cabinet in the sink and pulled Jake medium used Vaseline glass. in fact, not see any use in the last week, when Kyle came home, but Jake liked, like s could make things sticky and dirty. Sometimes it was in styleWash l of your pubic bone after several days with a very good pull -off session. Kyle threw the jar of Vaseline on the bed and grabbed a clean pair black slip Jake was a dresser drawer open. From there, the bed is , jumped Jake was an eyebrow. "A clean pair, friend ? Where 's the fun ?" Smiled Kyle. "They will not be clean when we're done with them. " Jake returned to bed, crawling on all Preteen Lolita Toplist fours on the bed n to Jake, who was only there on his back with a floating satisfied smile on his face. Kyle leaned over to kiss him, n become a whole other series of kisses, and Kyle might be down on his little brother, and was probably 20 minutes before that came up for air. If they did, Kyle took Jake 's face gently between his big hands and strong, and only saw him for a long time. "Jake ? " " Yes ? " Jake said, his heart is still racing of all hot kisses. " I love you. Tanto. " Jake grabbedhis brother and dragged him down again, and is only kept there, both revel in the skin feel strongly suggested before the skin, the feeling of each other in the heart of his in the chest. " I love you too, Kyle," said Jake. It was amazing, but it was true. "can I love you, my dear brother ? " Kyle asked, smiling mischievously. " You 'd better," Jake slowly, "because if I'm not your tail in the ass in 10 seconds, I will begin the retreat! " Laughed n Kyle, raised in the elbows and knees recovered Jake around the waist and flipped over it. Jake was sliding partner Kyle clean underwear Jake 's ankle and she began to pick his legs. "Uh, Kyle? " Jake said Kyle underwear pulled firmly into the instead. "Dude, put it upside down. " Rio Kyle. "Yes I. That ' s the point. " With one hand placed in front of Jake Kyle slips, as the n were the opposite, the site was up, Covering his buttocks. Jake was in the womb, and he was hard again. His cock n raised within the letter, and because the allegations were reversed, the from again, mounted in front of his crotch, but felt a little good. Kyle heard Pop the top of the can of Vaseline and watched Jake him in the shoulder. Kyle uses the index finger to make a good chunk Vaseline, then pushed up into Jake 's ass before he really knew Jake what he would do. When Jake still panting from the delicacy Kyle became slow finger in a circle, lining the inner wall of the n Jake in the ass with Vaseline. " Shit," said Jake. "I felt good. Do it again, Kyle. " Kyle laugh. "Man, I love being a friend - and his brother -. Who am I as kinky me," he stuck his finger in the jar of Vaseline and Jake pushed her butt again. st yet. That was a hell of a lot more difficult to contain, as it seems , because the fingers Kyle were amazing there. Kyle joined the Vaseline glass on the floor and lay down on Jake 's cock your s aching hole about Jake, but did not start screwing her n yet. Instead, he attacked on the side of the bed against the wall, leaned to the side, trying to accomplish something. " Dude," Jake said impatiently. ". I have to be fucked " " And I, for one mother, brother takes little bust," Kyle said, "Give me a second, OK" With a grunt, he took some of the space between the bed the wall. There was another pair of underwear famous black Jake (they is not the only type of underwear that was, sometimes wearing boxers, sometimes, s worse than a pair of underwear, because it was the way it felt like, , but he liked plain black tight written more than anything else and had a pairs of a few dozen of them). It was hard to say, but this pair n black because they were never really close togetherVered with semen that s were a light gray, and as stiff as cardboard. In the last week, The two brothers had long since ceased puddles ejaculates every time you finish, sex, and after the first day was Kyle is cleaned with an old pair of panties Jake. The damned have that from 25 to 30 loads of cum on them, both Kyle and Jake mixed. Kyle crumpled underwear and put them on Jake is very willing mouth, pulling out the front of the card, Jake to give back to her ass, his cock worked for the n in the opening stage, and sank his cock into Jake 's ass. Jake looked completely star, and nothing more. Sucking the moisture, salt, cum - dyed fabrics, complain about it. I knew shit awesome. there are n Just a few minutes later that it actually came to my senses again enough to appreciate the good - how happy, toe - curlingly good - felt that his brother has the tailwhere it Preteen Lolita Toplist belonged : buried in her ass. fell into a comfortable pace, and the room was filled with new with the sound of the creaking of the bed, and Kyle growls as he took his little brother s. Jake's cock felt like it was twice as large as it has always been before, and Kyle reminded the mattress in a way that could not even start under his hand to himself same shocks n, but the next minute he realized that would not have to. The writings that was serious riding up the pass, and the tip of his penis n it was difficult to rub the fabric of her underwear, and damned if it does not work ejaculate into a successful reality. " Oh, Jake, feels too good to be you," growled Kyle. "It feels good to have a , the cock back in my hot little brother.... Mmm... UNH close Gettin ' close bro. Gettin' to REAL. " Jake Kyle back arched deeply into it. Kyle let out a silent groan and began to remain difficult. Sweat dripped agom his face in the back of Jake 's neck. " I'm close, Jake, very close. Oh, man, I totally passed a nut Ready, Jake, here it Preteen Lolita Toplist is, brother. Here it is, baby... Horror, FUCK " Jake complained against the wad of cum - stained underwear in his mouth, came as the brother of his s in the ass, and came and came, as there was no tomorrow. was the first outbreak of long, hot layer of sperm into her well lubricated ass, that was all to be sent to the shore, and he was like entering a fire hose, filling n ass on the side of panties with a large heat load cum sticky. With each thrust, he felt more and more Kyle emptying their own Seed Jake 's ass. kind of Jake after fainted for a while, until he realized Kyle out of it. Kyle then pulled her panties down Jake n is the reverse. When he saw the amount of sperm in the sprayed black cloth, he laughed. "Man, if I'm not here to have this testimony, cum never believed that anyone who has a lowert is a time. Unbelievable. "As we saw Jake, he put a finger on Kyle 's sperm, licked it and sighed. " Fuck you, brother. Why should cum taste so Preteen Lolita Toplist very good? "N " You see, right? " Jake said with a sly smile. " Fuck yeah ", Kyle, as he dipped his finger into it and sucked n to clean. Then attacked by about Jake, he stood up and took him the bathroom, where s turned on the shower and the two were interior. Jake leaned over the side of his head on Kyle 's chest and let the warm of water to wash over her. he was so confident and happy, and if the arms of Kyle n surrounded him again for a time they began to feel all the cheesy and emotionally again. it was not as bad as the first few times, but never had sex to comply with this intense before, and it was something else, s feel... was the love for Kyle? Yes, n \\ \\ n should be. "Jake," Kyle said softly when he came to wash the body. smelled of Art the way the pine and the cEDAR, clean and fresh and sexy. Jake already connected the smell of the body thoroughly with Kyle, and n is just a simple sign was enough to make you feel totally happy, totally relaxed. " Yes, Kyle? " Jake told his brother began, very gently, Jakes to wash the body. She loved the feeling of the hands of Kyle on his shoulders at first, then in the chest, then slowly make their way to the navel. Kyle has everything to always be in charge of sexual energy, but this is even easier than it was sexy. Kyle was silent for a moment, as a body massage Jake. "Do you like things to do, right? I mean, not exactly... vanilla. " Jake did not need to ask what he meant. "' Vanilla' can go to hell. Should be brother now we both know what we like on the one hand, and the two n and the same thing. You have to do what only everything that has to keep in this case, "the man cause I can not get enough of it. "Laughed Kyle. " I can tell. And Preteen Lolita Toplist I knew I wanted to let you know that you white when was too wild for you, you can soften. " Jake looked over his shoulder and laughed. " Tone is boring stuff, ? The same position every night, clean and sterile, and all that? no Thank you ! I want it hard, I put a pair of underwear in my mouth, I want you to come in my ass so much that when I engage a lot of go spit, hock me a taco instead of his sperm. Have to write to clear enough for you? " Kyle smiled happily and took Jake to the embrace of a bear. " Damn straight, not s. Man, we're so meant for each other. " Jake that feeling warm, happy in his chest and flowering was dealt his whole body. " Yes, brother, we are. Without a doubt. "
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